PM Mitsotakis meets with US International Development Finance Corporation

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and executives of the US International Development Finance Corporation, headed by the CEO Adam Boehler, on Monday discussed the prospects of large US investments in Greece in shipyards and ports, in a meeting at the Maximos Mansion.

The International Development Finance Corporation is a US government institution and, according to government sources, is active in strategic investments in the energy, infrastructure and technology sectors.

During the meeting, Mitsotakis placed special emphasis on the government’s investment policy and, in particular, on the priority given by the government to the rapid implementation of large foreign investments in a number of sectors of the economy, as well as the importance of the strategic relationship with the United States for the promotion of these initiatives.

According to government sources, US interest in the prospect of making investments in our country, such as the Elefsis Shipyards and the ports of Alexandroupolis and Kavala, was confirmed.

Emphasis was also placed on the stabilising role of Greece in the region, while it was stressed that Greece presents special investment opportunities, with strategic characteristics that will contribute to the significant development of its national economy and the wider region.