PM Mitsotakis: Much achieved in a short time; Petsas on accelerated pace of reforms

“A lot of hard work is waiting for us in the next weeks,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday addressing the cabinet meeting.

Mitsotakis sent a message of optimism saying that despite the huge difficulties still existing “especially in the front of the economy, a wind of national confidence and optimism is blowing in Greece” and verbally attacked the main opposition referring to an “unprecedented attempt of institutions’ manipulation” to which, as he said, “the insititutional normalcy is the strongest response”.

“Rarely so much has been done in such a short period, especially if someone takes into account the fact the we have encountered huge challenges, in economic, geopolitical and health sectors,” he underlined making a short review during the cabinet meeting.

Mitsotakis also referred to the start of the tourist period and gave credit to those that cooperated to have this “organised plan to receive visitors to our country without making any discount in the issue of safety and public health”.

“We are aware that the bar is set very low, and it will be a very difficult tourist period, we will do the best possible,” he underlined.

He also said that the government is ready to take additional measures for the support of the labour world underlining that “we are very closely monitoring what is happening, mostly in the labour market and we are ready, if necessary, to take additional measures to support the labour sector something that was, from the beginning of the crisis, our first and top priority.”

Stelios Petsas: Gov’t speeding up reforms that improve Greeks’ daily lives

The cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis discussed a range of government actions by ministries, including legislative initiatives and laws related to citizenship and environmental issues, government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Tuesday.
“The government is accelerating its reform work in order to improve the daily lives of Greeks,” Petsas said.

The Finance Ministry introduced a bill on speeding up development through tax incentives, including alternative taxation proposals for individuals transferring their tax base to Greece.
A draft for the ratification of specific agreements signed between the state and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation of 400 million euros to support infrastructure was presented by the Health Ministry. The donation also includes training for doctors and nurses along with the acquisition of 155 intensive care units in 15 public hospitals. In addition, the ministry sets up a societe anonyme to oversee quality in the health sector; it will be responsible both for protocols and for guaranteeing equal access to health by patients.

The Ministry of Environment & Energy presented two types of actions: to reduce single-use (disposable) plastics, following the related EU directive (2019/04) of the European Commission, and to help SMEs that will be adversely affected by this. PM Mitsotakis said of the Greek legislation that, as half of all garbage at sea consists of disposable plastics, “this particular intervention is absolutely positive for Greece’s efforts to protect its environment and its seas.”

The Ministry also presented the National Plan for Waste Management, which emphasizes the reduction of waste production and of natural resources in order to turn to a cyclical and sustainable economy. This also includes recycling incentives for the public.

Finally, one of the draft bills presented, by the Interior Ministry, will speed up the process of
naturalization of foreign citizens and obliterate ‘middlemen’ while improving efficiency and bureaucracy.