PM Mitsotakis: National plan for electricity prices if there is no European solution

Greek PM Mitsotakis said elections would be held in 2023 during his speech at the pre-conference of ND in Heraklion, Crete.

The PM also warned against profiteering amidst price hikes in products due to energy cost rises.

“During these almost 3 years Greece has grown and strengthened”, he said. “What I see in this impressive pre-conference makes me more confident that in the 2023 elections we will achieve our goal and Crete will be blue from end to end, ” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the podium of the 2nd New Democracy pre-conference held in Lido Indoor Gym in Heraklion, adding that he feels “doubly excited after the party supporters’ reception.

Among other things, the Prime Minister spoke about the government’s interventions against high costs, emphasising that no one will be allowed to make an illicit profit. At the same time, the Prime Minister vowed to put in place a national support plan for energy prices in case there is no solution from the European Union.

Launching an attack on the major opposition party SYRIZA, the Prime Minister said: “SYRIZA promises everything that the farmers, the householders would like to hear. It distributes rubber checks looking to get its own artificial kiss of life in demagogy …”

The Prime Minister and President of ND stressed that “a strong Greece of development for all Greek women for all Greeks is an unwavering destination”.