PM Mitsotakis: Our goal the creation of 86,000 job positions in 2022

“During the two years of New Democracy’s (ND) governance and amidst the pandemic, 50,000 new jobs were created, while in the previous 4 years 42,000 jobs were created”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a meeting at the central OAED (Manpower Employment Authority) headquarters on Wednesday.
The meeting was held for the presentation of the programmes of the organisation.

The prime minister clarified that OAED’s programmes are only one aspect of the overall policy of the labour ministry. According to OAED data, an increase of 17.9 pct in job creation was achieved within a year and a half compared with the period 2016-2019, despite the effects of the pandemic on the labour market.

The goal of the programmes, as Mitsotakis said, “is extremely ambitious: to create 86,000 new job positions in 2022, with resources that will come from the Recovery Fund and from the NSRF”.