PM Mitsotakis: Self-tests in retail, transportation, food delivery at the end of the week

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis praised the citizens’ response to the self tests and their adaptation to the process of using them during the Covid-19 meeting on Monday. Mitsotakis also announced in advance that the use of self-tests will soon be extended to employees in retail, transportation, food delivery.

“Before we start the presentation, let me make a brief statement on the issue of self-tests. I consider that the start of the self-tests proved to be very successful and I believe that the pupils deserve congratulations, first and foremost, the teachers, the families of the students who supported this bold initiative of the state”, the prime minister stressed.

He added: “They have shown that when the government trusts the citizen, he responds responsibly. I think it is very important that we identified 613 students and teachers – mostly – asymptomatic, who tested positive in the self-test. They stayed at home today, not exposing their classmates and colleagues to the risk of transmitting the virus.”

As the prime minister underlined, “this is the great usefulness of this new virus detection tool, which we now have at our disposal, and for this reason this measure will be extended very soon, at the end of this week, to retail workers, to transport, to people delivering food. And also to point out the fact that in the second tender for the supply of 10 million additional self-tests, many more companies participate than those that participated in the first tender. Therefore, I estimate that the cost of the relevant supply will be lower.”