PM Mitsotakis: Tackling of health crisis and economic repercussions needs bold decisions

Cosco’s investment in Piraeus is a prime example of mutually beneficial cooperation, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in his address to the summit of China’s cooperation initiative with 17 countries of central and eastern Europe, or the 17+1 Initiative.

“The example of the Chinese investment by Cosco in the port of Piraeus underlines this win-win approach, an investment initiative that is mutually beneficial to both countries,” Mitsotakis said, and he referred to the importance of this international cooperation, while also noting that the 17+1 Intiative has those characteristics that contribute to taking bold decisions through cooperation, solidarity, understanding and transparency.

Mitsotakis expressed his optimism that the health crisis is coming to an end and that the pandemic has proved that “the tackling of the health crisis and of its important economic repercussions demands bold decisions”.

Addressing Chinese President Xi Jinping, he defended his proposal for a vaccination certificate.

“For this reason, Mr. President, Greece has proposed the idea of a vaccination certificate, which is a clear proof that someone has been vaccinated and can become a tool that facilitates trips abroad and allows tourists to visit China or come to Europe from China,” he said.

On his part, the Chinese president said that the port of Piraeus has become an important hub for the land and sea connection betwen China and Europe and for interconnectivity between Asia and Europe,” adding that “Beijing is ready to work closely with Greece and other parties for the further promotion of cooperation within the 17+1 Initiative .