PM Mitsotakis; The government’s policy is primarily focused on the next generation

The new generation was the one that paid in the most intense way the repercussions of the last decade’s crisis and this government’s policies are focused on the new generation, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Saturday opening a discussion with young people in the city of Ioannina in the context of his ruling New Democracy (ND) pre-congress entitled “Next generations- with the eye to the future”.
He referred to the government’s policy for the first stamp which as he said, is an exceptionally important initiative which offers the potential to a young to get a job with an additional payment while in parallel will offer a significant amount to the employer that will hire the young who will get his first job.
Mitsotakis also said that they also “emphasise on the primary sector, “We want the young farmers to stay at their homeland, to be well trained and to collaborate with cooperatives and in parallel invest in the comparative advantages of our country” he said.
Additionally, he referred to the tax incentives for young people that left the country during the crisis and want to come back.
“Summing up the government’s policy for the new generation I would say: Good studies, good jobs and good life which means good quality of life with balance between their personal and professional life” the premier concluded.