PM Mitsotakis to Trump: ‘We want US businesses to invest in Greece’

The Turkey-Libya agreement causes destabilization, stated Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on camera at the Oval Office on Tuesday evening. He also noted that Greece expects the US’s support on the matter and added that his country is an ally the US can rely on.

US President Donald Trump referred to the geostrategic importance and history of Greece as he began his meeting with Mitsotakis, whom he welcomed to the White House saying that “it is my honor to have the Greek Prime Minister and the first lady of Greece here, too. Thank you very much for being here. We have a lot to discuss.”

Trump described Greek-American relations as amazing and noted that they are the closest they have ever been. He made a special reference to the Greek economy, noting that Greece has managed to recover very quickly. “Greece and its recovery are a huge success,” the US President underlined. Premier Mitsotakis is accompanied by his spouse Mareva-Grabowski Mitsotaki.

PM Mitsotakis: ‘We want US businesses to invest in Greece’

Greece-US relations are at their best possible point, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and also emphasized the potential for improving relations between the two countries in terms of “our geopolitical part, the field of defense in which we have made great progress, and in which we can ensure that Greece will always be a reliable ally in a complex world.”

Focusing on the economic aspect of bilateral relations, Mitsotakis noted that “the Greek economy has recovered in recent months, we have reduced taxes,” while “in addition, we are following a policy that has also worked well in the US,” he added.

Addressing the US President, Mitsotakis said that “we look forward to your positive support, we want US businesses to invest in Greece so that we can expand the economy at a rate so striking that people will really feel the difference.”

He pointed out that the US can always rely on Greece as a reliable and predictable partner.
Donald Trump expressed his appreciation for this stance and congratulated Mitsotakis on the performance of Greece’s economy.

“In terms of percentage growth, we are talking about one of the biggest rebounds in the world. It’s a huge recovery and you have done very well,” Trump observed.