PM Mitsotakis: Tsipras’ speech contained ‘two lies in every sentence’

The censure motion tabled by main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance was a “desperate attempt” by the main opposition leader to “staunch wounds within his own party,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in Parliament on Sunday, prior to the vote.
“You have announced, Mr. Tsipras, that I am finished politically. I imagine this forecast is as accurate as when you said that there was not a chance in a million that Mitsotakis will win the elections,” the prime minister said.
He accused Tsipras of “doing what he knows how to do well, distorting the truth,” while adding that the main opposition leader had outdone himself during his speech in parliament, “[with] two lies in every sentence.”
Responding to the main opposition’s call for early elections, Mitsotakis said that SYRIZA had not yet examined any of the mistakes of its government nor changed any members of the leadership team that the Greek people had rejected at the last elections.
The New Democracy government, he added, was facing the challenges of tomorrow and crises without recent historic precedent, such as the global pandemic, the secondary energy crisis, extreme weather phenomena, earthquakes, heat waves and the “hybrid attack on our country in Evros and the events in the Eastern Mediterranean.”
“We can say that we managed to get through these storms with the least casualties,” the prime minister said.
“We make the lessons priorities and we serve them…not on the basis of the cries of a party that has nothing to say about the responsibility of a private company,” he added.