PM Mitsotakis visits Interior Ministry; discusses reforms

The important reforms that the interior ministry is launching in the near future, such as the scrapping of a simple proportional representation system in the election of local government, multi-level governance, and the introduction of teleworking in an organised way in daily life were discussed during a meeting between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Interior Minister Makis Voridis and other officials on Tuesday.
Mitsotakis, who visited the interior ministry, underlined that “the palette of reforms and changes is very large. I personally urge that these projects be carried out rapidly and that emphasis be given to projects that have a measurable impact and will improve the daily life of citizens.”
Briefly describing the priorities of the ministry, the prime minister noted, among other things, that “it is our commitment to change the system of simple proportional representation in order to better align the will of the citizens with the majorities in municipal councils.”
Mitsotakis also stressed that the emblematic reform of multilevel governance will be promoted. “The very major issue of multi-level governance, the boundaries and responsibilities between the central state, the decentralised administrations, the regions and the municipalities remains open,” he said.
“The citizen is always at the centre of the aforementioned reforms. I am absolutely sure that the ministry’s new team will run even faster and will carry out reforms that will make the lives of citizens better,” the prime minister concluded.
On his part, Interior Minister Makis Voridis briefed Mitsotakis about the agenda of reforms promoted by his ministry and noted that, among other things, “a large part of the important reforms that need to be made in the state start from the Ministry of the Interior. The strategic direction is clear and unambiguous, at the end of the administrative reform we want a state that can provide friendlier and more transparent services to the citizens, in a clearer way.”