PM press office: New digital policy ministry has not taken over National-CERT

The new digital policy ministry has not taken over the National Authority Against Electronic Attacks (National CERT) from Greece’s National Intelligence Service as claimed by main opposition New Democracy, the prime minister’s press office said on Friday.

In an announcement replying to ND, the press office said that such a transfer was not part of the law forming the Secretariat General for Digital Policy, which stated instead that the secretariat must cooperate with National CERT.

It urged the main opposition to approach such issues more calmly and carefully, avoiding inaccuracies that created false impressions.

“The formation of a Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media is a major change for Greek public administration and governance. As such, it has been welcomed by European authorities who provide technical assistance,” the press release said. The changes will help in rationalising and increasing efficiency in the crucial sector of IT and communication in governance and public administration, it added.

Striving to create false impressions and attack government policy, ND had obviously failed to read the law that formed the general secretariat, the announcement said.

The announcement was issued in reply to an ND party announcement accusing Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas of “trying to get his hands on” part of the country’s secret services.

“The minister that sought to control the television landscape using unconstitutional methods and was named as the financial backer of a site that served SYRIZA’s party line is trying to get his hands on one of the country’s secret service departments. Not as its political supervisor but as its direct manager,” it said.

It expressed opposition to yet another attempted manipulation that “adds yet another shadow to the way this government works.”

“The ministry created for the sake of Mr. Pappas should concern itself with the information society and the challenges of the future, not serve as a tool for every kind of indirect manipulation,” ND said.