PM Samaras asks his ministers for their finest coordination, ahead of troika meeting in Paris next week

The Premier Antonis Samaras asked his ministers for their finest coordination in view of their meeting with the troika – for the first time – in Paris on September 2nd in order to attain the best possible outcome for the country, during a preparatory consultation with some of his ministers on Wednesday evening at the government headquarters Maximos Mansion.

As was made known, Samaras used the example of Wednesday’s Greek bond rally to emphasize the improvement of the Greek economy’s course, as well as the enhanced attitude of international markets towards Greece.

Participants in the meeting were all coalition government ministers who will travel to Paris to meet with the troika, as well as the Government Vice President and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

About 80 pct of the commitments the government has agreed to with the troika, have already materialized, the meeting found. Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis will be meeting with all ministers involved in the Paris meeting with the troika, so as to coordinate their efforts towards satisfying the remaining commitments.

Venizelos said that the new evaluation of the Greek programme to take place during the Autumn must signal the change of the country’s attitude and its final exit from the crisis. “This must be understood by everyone inside and outside of Greece”, noted Venizelos.

He didn’t immediately side with the Education Minister Andreas Loverdos’ comments earlier in the day that there will be no administrative staff layoffs in universities on the occasion of the completion of an evaluation report requested by the minstry on the organizational charts of Greek universities, which didn’t detect any redundancies. Venizelos clarified that the evaluation report must be studied closely, before jumping to any decisions.