PM Samaras congratulates Police on Maziotis’ arrest

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Tuesday wrapped up a visit to the headquarters of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) on Alexandras Avenue, where he had a lengthy meeting with officers of the counter-terrorism squad and was briefed in detail on the arrest of fugitive convicted terrorist Nikos Maziotis last week.
Samaras then left the building with Public Order and Citizen Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias, without making statements.
Sources said the prime minister was briefed in detail on the case and the overall fight against terrorism, while the meetings were also attended by the Chief of Police Lieut. Gen. Dimitris Tsaknakis and the head of the police Emergency Action force Vassilis Tsigos, who is in charge of the DIAS motorcycle police. It was DIAS police officers that actually carried out Maziotis’ arrest after an exchange of fire in Monastiraki, central Athens.
Samaras congratulated the police officers on the successful arrest, while senior government sources reported that he was very pleased with the state of the counter-terrorism service and confident about the outcome of ongoing investigations linked to terrorism.
Asked whether this confidence also extended to the fugitive terrorist Christodoulos Xiros, at large since early January when he was released on a nine-day prison furlough and failed to return, the sources said the prime minister did not distinguish the Maziotis case from that of Xiros but viewed terrorism as an overall issue.
In statements as he arrived at the police headquarters earlier on Tuesday, Samaras had thanked and congratulated the entire police force for their work in capturing Maziotis.
“On behalf of the overwhelming majority of Greek citizens, I want to congratulate and thank the Hellenic Police for their contribution from the bottom of my heart. The Greek police officer is the shield of the ordinary citizen, our society and finally, the shield of our democracy. Greek police officers prove this every day and for this I thank them warmly,” he said.
Earlier on Tuesday, Samaras met with European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom, who is having a series of meetings in Greece as of Monday. They made no statements following their meeting