PM Samaras: We are exiting the economic crisis

Greece is exiting the economic crisis and the bailout programmes for good, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Friday, speaking at an event to mark the 40-year anniversary of the ONNED youth party.

“We are exiting (the memorandum), not to return to the past, but to continue reforms within conditions of growth and to never allow the country to relapse to deficits and debts. We are exiting in an organized manner and nothing is going to get in our way or make us change our step. We are exiting with prosperity, competitiveness and openness,” Samaras said. He said, for him, Greece means freedom, justice, dignity and pride.

The prime minister made an extensive reference to the recent incidents at the University of Athens, calling those who caused trouble as “cowards” who “didn’t learn good manners from their families and haven’t learned the first lesson in democracy – to respect other peoples’ opinions.”

Samaras also said these people are “small groups interested only in causing chaos in universities,” but warned “they will not get away with it.”

“The times when small groups of troublemakers held universities hostages is over. There’s not one university internationally that is not guarded. That’s not freedom, it’s the tyranny of the minority,” he said, adding the images everyone saw on TV were “reminders of the misery Greece is moving away from.”

The prime minister said these incidents are unthinkable anywhere else in the world and it’s what is keeping Greece back, adding these things are difficult to change because “we have opposite from us coalition forces who are stuck in the past, who don’t want anything to change and want to cancel every dynamic reform.”