PM Samaras and Vice President Venizelos to meet on universities issue

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Vice-President Evangelos Venizelos will meet today to discuss the problem of funding universities and will try to find a solution. Minister of Education will attend the meeting, too.

Mr. Loverdos will present the data collected by academic authorities, according to which Greek universities have reached a breaking point and claim that there is a possibility that universities might not be able to operate in September, unless an immediate solution for the funding issue is found.

Reportedly, the government does not rule out the possibility to use 8 million euros gathered by the State from criminal acts against the Greek government in order to fund the universities.

Moreover, Mr. Loverdos is expected to present a series of measures planned by the Ministry of Education in an effort to relieve financially the institutions, such as enhancing the flexibility for institutions to fund themselves through research.