PM Tsipas: The Greek people legitimize us and gave a clear mandate to implement the agreement

The Greek government will implement the agreement it has achieved with its lenders while “maintaining strictly its red lines”, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday during a speech at a meeting of SYRIZA’s political secretariat.

According to party sources, the prime minister focused on the government’s main policy, with Tsipras expressing confidence that the Greek people support the government.

“The government received three times legitimacy from the Greek people in less than a year,” he said. “Some people didn’t like that, but it’s not them who support and legitimize us.”

He noted that the Greek people gave a clear mandate to implement the agreement without straying from the red lines which concern the protection of the weak and noted that this is what his government will do with “vested interests inside the country and abroad.”

Commenting on the strikes called by the unions, Tsipras said that all pensioners, but also the vast majority of workers, employees, the unemployed, farmers and self-employed, will benefit from his proposal, because he is not going to cut pensions again.

He also admitted that the government’s proposal burdens incredibly the farmers but there are gains for them in the long term. “The 15-25 euros per month, which will take place after four years, as increases in contributions will be gradual, so that farmers can receive a pension instead of a tip, is neither unbearable, nor irrational or a burden without a gain.”

In 2014 farmers paid a total of 411 million euros in taxes, while in 2016 they’ll pay about 225 million euros because, after an intervention by the government, agricultural aid will not be taxed.