PM Tsipras: Εach person must adopt a position based on their value sign without petty political motives

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday had a series of meetings with the heads of political parties that were not elected to Parliament in the last elections, to discuss the government’s proposals for amending election law and revising the Constitution.

The round of meetings started with George Papandreou, former prime minister and PASOK leader and currently head of the Democratic Socialists Movement (KIDHSO) party, followed by a delegation from the Ecologists-Greens and the head of the Unifying Movement of the European Left (EKIEA) Fotis Kouvelis.

Talking to Kouvelis about the government’s proposals, Tsipras noted that each person “must adopt a position based on their value sign … without petty political motives.”

“The political system, which will undoubtedly be reformed to the extent that the new election system goes forward, is a dynamic element for dealing with the crisis issues,” Kouvelis said.

Papandreou, in comments as he was leaving the meeting with the prime minister, said that a system of simple proportional representation would inevitably mean the breaking up of large electoral constituencies.

According to the former prime minister, more time for discussion was needed before changing the election system, while he had asked Tsipras to seriously consider “an old proposal we made, for a mixed system of single-seat constituencies and constituency lists, like the state deputies’ ticket but on a regional level.”

This, he added, would overcome the problem of the ‘black’ campaign money associated with the smaller constituencies required by simple proportional representation.