PM Tsipras: 3 mln people to have access to primary healthcare by end of the year

We received a suffocated health sector and we achieved a small miracle, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday said during the Hour of the Prime Minister in Parliament.

Despite the suffocating fiscal framework, we managed to integrate 2.5 million people without social security to the public health sector, the prime minister underlined and promised that 3.0 million people will have access to primary healthcare by the end of the year.

As he said, the government received bankrupt hospitals and ensured their economic viability, without expenditure cuts.

During the crisis, the public health suffered a cruel attack {…}, however, the funds for the health sector have increased for the first time, he underlined.

Tsipras replied to a question submitted by the leader of the Centrists Union Vassilis Leventis.

Moreover, the premier announced the establishment of an examining committee on the scandals revealed in the health sector.