PM Tsipras: ‘A clean and final exit from the memorandums in the summer’

Now is the time to plan firm foundations that will take Greece forward into the future, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said late on Saturday, during the closing address of the 12 Conference for the Reconstruction of Production in Eastern Attica.

“In the summer we will make a clean and final exit from the memorandums,” Tsipras said, noting that it was more essential than ever to reach an agreement on the basics and not never allow the problematic practices of the past lead the country into similar ordeals in the future.

Pointing to the announcements of major investments the previous week, Tsipras said that Greece’s economy was starting to overperform and the programme targets had been met. Regarding the regional conference on production, now almost completed, he said these had indicated that society was willing to engage in dialogue, rather than barren confrontations. He also criticised reported attempts by the opposition to persuade local government officials and others to boycott the process, as well as its apparent reluctance to have suspected scandals investigated or discuss constitutional revision.

Talking about eastern Attica, he noted the environmental and development pressures on the region, referring to the measures taken to address these, while referring to the Philodimos I and II programmes for local government funding.