PM Tsipras: An agreement will be reached with Greece’s creditors

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday said he was optimistic that an agreement will be reached with Greece’s creditors, while repeating that he will resort to a referendum if this deal was too far beyond the limits of the mandate he received from the electorate on January 25.

Addressing a joint meeting of the ruling coalition SYRIZA party’s Parliamentary group and Political Secretariat, Tsipras also highlighted that the deadlines in the negotiations were now extremely pressing.

According to sources, he noted that the negotiations were now at a crucial phase but he also appeared confident that an agreement will be reached but only be finally concluded, if this was possible, at the next round of negotiations in June.

Doubts were expressed by members of SYRIZA’s Left Platform as to whether an agreement that included harsh measures could be called an “honourable compromise” and, in light of this, they stressed that the option of a “rupture” in talks with the creditors must be on the table.

Members of the Political Secretariat noted the need for further discussion on the text of the agreement so that they can be fully briefed and the meeting was interrupted to be resumed next Thursday, after Tsipras returns from Nicosia and a trilateral summit with the leaders of Cyprus and Egypt.