PM Tsipras: I am not “an all-weather” prime minister

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras send on Monday the message that Greece will stand on its feet and survive despite the difficult times in an interview with public broadcaster ERT, following an announcement by European Council President Donald Tusk that the country’s programme will not be extended after Wednesday.

“We’ll survive, we’ll stand on our feet, we’ll be alive and we’ll choose in a sovereign way what our future will be like,” Tsipras said during the interview.

Asked what he will do if Greeks choose “Yes” in the referendum, he clarified that he’s not “an all-weather” prime minister. “I didn’t assume this position because I love power. I’m in this seat because it was the choice of the people. As long as the people support this decision, I will be present, I will respect the people’s verdict, we’ll initiate procedures so that what people voted will become a law of the state.”

Commenting on the intentions of the institutions on Greece, Tsipras rejected claims they want to push the country out of the euro. “They won’t do it because the cost will be too big.”