PM Tsipras chose to walk this way alone, says ND leader Mitsotakis

“Mr. Tsipras did not inform the parliament and the Greek people” said New Democracy (ND) leader after the end of his meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday morning at the Maximos mansion.

“ND defended the national issues with responsibility and determination. The Greeks do not trust Tsipras to negotiate anything” stated Mitsotakis adding that “We will not divide the Greeks to unite the people of FYROM”.

The main opposition leader accused Tsipras that he went to the negotiation without safeguarding the support of his partner in the government (refers to junior government coalition party Independent Greeks), he divided the Greeks and instead of seeking a strong national front he gets involved in petty politics. So, the opportunity window closes, said Mitsotakis.

Tsipras chose to walk this way alone so he should not seek for an alibi now.