PM Tsipras: Clear corridor to exit the crisis and the memoranda

A clear corridor to exit the crisis and the memoranda opened with the Eurogroup’s decision, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his speech to the cabinet on Wednesday.

However, we must not relax, he said to the ministers.

Tsipras explained why the agreement meets the targets the government had set.

1. It clarifies the mid-term measures on the debt after the end of the programme.

2. It accepts the French proposal on growth clause.

3. It commits for specific actions to boost growth and establish the Development Bank.

4. It commits for the successful conclusion of the programme in August 2018 and ensures the partners’ practical support for returning to the markets.

“There is no time to relax, no time for rest and inertia. We have the political and economic momentum and we must take advantage of it. We must accelerate the government’s work, accelerate the legislative work, we must speed up, not slow down,” stressed Tsipras.

“I believe that, starting today, a new period opens for the country and also for the current government that had set the target to get the country out of the crisis.
The prime minister also called for the acceleration of the already mature investment plans, without delays and pointless bureaucratic exaggerations, through the necessary synergies and the best possible coordination of the ministries.

Meanwhile, the government proceeds with the organisation of 13 regional development conferences after the agreement reached the Eurogroup. The first one is the Western Macedonia Regional Development Conference that will take place in the next 15 days and the government’s aim is to have the series of conferences concluded by the end of the year.

The aim of the conferences is to define the key development priorities of each region in cooperation with producers and local communities, and exploit the comparative advantages.