PM Tsipras: Country’s public administration is a “very ill patient”

“I would say it is an honour and joy that this event coincides with the launch of a huge reform initiative that the government assumes with the view to meeting a commitment which the citizens and the public administration officers have heard so many times but unfortunately has never come into effect,” stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his greeting speech on Thursday at an event held for the 30-year anniversary of the operation of the National Center of Public Administration.

Tsipras called the public administration the country’s “very ill patient” noting that “we must collectively find the way to cure it and to heal the pathogenies. But, in order to succeed, we must have a target, a plan and a vision.”

He referred to the debate on “depoliticisation” of the public administration noting that “it is the wrong word”. What is really needed is to abolish favouritism and collusion, he stated.