PM Tsipras: Destabilisation games will not pass

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras referred to destabilisation attempts that, as he said, will not pass, in an interview with the newspaper Documento.

This statement was made on the occasion of Council of State’s decision that practically abolishes the assets declaration.

“The government respects the Justice and defends it in practice and not a la carte against those who want to turn it into a tool for political goals and economic interests. Because the independence of Justice is constitutionally guaranteed, but is not obvious. Words are not enough to secure it. Its protection demands every day struggle against those that attempt to involve it in destabilisation games. This is not going to pass neither in the case of property declaration nor in any other case” noted Tsipras.

The prime minister also underlined that “we will not get tired of reiterating that all are equal before the law. Judges or politicians, poor or wealthy. Nobody is more equal than the other and everyone must respect this inviolable principle and must be applicable to all”.