PM Tsipras: Eurogroup’s in principle agreement is a positive development

The in principle agreement at the recent Eurogroup was a very positive development, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday said in parliament.

Tsipras answered to Centrists Union leader Vassilis Leventis’ question on the course of the negotiations.
The decision of the Eurogroup was an important success of the negotiating team, Tsipras underlined and added: “A significant step was taken at the Eurogroup as the basic principles of the negotiation were decided.”

The government is making a great effort at two fronts; to meet the targets of the current programme and to conclude with success and no additional austerity the negotiations for the second programme review. The hard work is bearing fruit he stressed and reiterated that the government insisted from the beginning that the course of the economy does not justify further austerity as it would hinder Greece’s growth potential.

Tsipras noted that all sides agreed on no more austerity and have now turned to a new policy mix.

He also said that during the negotiations, all sides need to make compromises in order to gain something. The irrational demand for additional measures of 2 pct of GDP after the end of the programme is not on the table any more.

Moreover, he stressed that offset measures will be implemented for any structural changes proposed by the creditors that may hurt the people. He also accused the main opposition of lack of strategy and its stance over the Eurogroup agreement.

The prime minister underlined that the austerity comes to an end and we are entering a new period that will focus on the production of wealth, attracting investments and drastically reducing unemployment.

As he said, it is not only important to have the negotiation concluded but what is even more important is how it will be concluded. At the latest Eurogroup, we set the foundations in order to swiftly proceed. “We are now ready to discuss the real economic figures including the primary surpluses and the medium term measures for the debt,” he said.

He reiterated that the government’s aim is to prove doomsayers wrong and take the country of the memoranda, the guardianship and the crisis with determination and targeted actions.

We had to negotiate with creditors that were very hard with the country, but now they are talking about the end of austerity, Tsipras stated.

“We are ready to bear the burden by ourselves, struggling to protect the society against the irrational demands and we are judged by the Greek people” he said.

What some people do not understand is that the country has changed over the last two years and a lot of important things were made, he added.