PM Tsipras: Europe must be able to solve its problems

The foundations for the crucial dialogue expected to proceed in the next few months on EU’s future were set in the discussion held among the European leaders at the EU Summit in Tallinn. Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras sent clear messages on the direction Europe should follow and had the opportunity to exchange views with other EU leaders at the informal dinner and the informal EU Summit on digital policy with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron with Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni and other leaders.

Tsipras’ meetings will continue in the next period with his imminent visit to USA (that was made known on Friday) in the second half of October after US President Donald Trump’s invitation. Tsipras accepted the invitation and the most probable date of his visit to the White House is 17 October.

In Estonia the Greek leader expressed his main positions: The political crisis that emerged by EU’s weaknesses to confront substantial challenges (in the economy, the refugees issue and regional developments) in the previous years can’t be faced with the logic “business as usual”. It needs bold decisions, initiatives and changes to the institutional framework for EU’s future.

The discussions at the leaders’ dinner was an opportunity to see all sides’ intentions on the future of Europe. It was a first important step during this dialogue with time-horizon 2019.

“Europe should be able to solve its problems by itself to be in position to play a strong and international role”, said Tsipras.