Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: European south is not Europe’s poor relative

I want to express my pleasure that the EU Mediterranean countries informal Summit proved that the European south has prospect and future, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the joint statements with the seven country leaders after the completion of the EU Mediterranean countries Summit held in Lisbon on Saturday.

The European south is not Europe’s poor relative. Europe needs the European south to strengthen its cohesion, its unity and to recover its social face” said Tsipras.

Europe needs the European south in order to proceed to an efficient management of the refugees crisis within the context of the European values. Europe also needs the south to strengthen its international and regional role for peace and stability in the wider region.

“We agreed to strengthen our efforts in order Europe to become a vision that will inspire the European peoples. We also agreed to enhance our efforts to defend the common value of solidarity on which the European building was constructed. Solidarity among all countries of the European Union and of course solidarity that will start from all us that we were here today”, said Tsipras.

The Greek prime minister also said that “we support Nicos Anastasiades’ (Cyprus President) efforts for a fair and viable solution of the Cyprus issue. We support the efforts of all the countries and governments to restore the social cohesion, the growth and the employment in the European south that in the last years has been plagued by the economic crisis”.

Finally, Tsipras thanked for the support to Greece in its efforts on the completion of the second review of the Greek programme “This is a message, the message of solidarity among us. A message that isolates those who have irrational demands or intentions which, at the end, deep down I would say, may even seek the divisions. What Europe needs today is unity and determination to move forward for our peoples’ benefit”.