PM Tsipras: The government will give a fight every day for the next four months

The government will give a fight every day for the next four months, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday underlined, addressing the ruling SYRIZA party’s Political Secretariat in the context of a lengthy discussion on the new bridge-agreement and the Greek government’s negotiations.

According to a SYRIZA non paper, the prime minister noted that the government seeks to move quickly toward the implementation of sweeping reforms aimed at combating tax evasion and corruption and at reorganizing public administration.

The government will proceed with the implementation of the popular mandate by tearing down the memorandum regime and its representatives in the state mechanism. It will also seek to maintain and further increase the broad and unprecedented popular unity by implementing the core of its pledges to the people and utilize the country’s geopolitical momentum in the negotiations, Tsipras underlined.

The prime minister and SYRIZA leader suggested that a new party secretary and a new 11-member Political Secretariat be elected in the next meeting of the party’s Central Committee in two weeks.