PM Tsipras: Greece has now many allies on the world stage

I am here, and it is my duty to support this effort to the very end, stated President Prokopios Pavlopoulos referring to the government and the democratic political parties’ efforts for the country’s final exit from the recession.

Eurogoup’s decision on Thursday proved that the main principle and value of solidarity is operating despite the problems, noted Pavlopoulos.

Referring to the people of Europe that have general elections in the next period as in Germany in September he expressed the certainty that “they are strong enough to support the European vision against the forces of populism that are scheming against the vision and the future of Europe”.

Greece now has, after a long time, many allies and suppporters on the world stage which is very important because we are in a neighbourhood with a lot of tension,” said Tsipras during his meeting with Pavlopoulos on Friday.

“At the end of month we have a very crucial meeting on Cyprus in Geneva and I believe that the fact that were are standing again on our feet and we have strong and powerful alliances to support the fair and just requests that concern that Greek people and the Hellenism in general”, added Tsipras.