PM Alexis Tsipras: Greece is a state governed by the rule of law

“If the Turkish president had something to say regarding the case of the Turkish soldiers wanted in connection with Turkey’s failed 2016 coup, he had the opportunity to say it both to the Greek prime minister himself or even publicly during his recent visit to Athens,” the Greek government said late on Sunday.
“Today, he chooses to continue an incomprehensibly slippery road of provocative attacks, comparing two completely different cases,” it added.

“We make clear to him that Greece is a state governed by the rule of law and has a prime minister who both respects and knows the processes of Greek justice, and not a sultan who is in a position to make any promises to influence its decisions.
If he wishes to be the head of a well administrated state, he has to explain why Turkey still detains the two Greek soldiers who did nothing more than walk a few metres into Turkish territory as part of their efforts to investigate possible illegal crossings. Meanwhile, similar incidents in the past were handled on a basis of good will and cooperation between the two countries, which are members of the same military alliance.”