PM Tsipras: Greece is at the end of a difficult road and economic recovery is well in sight

Greece is at the end of a difficult road and economic recovery is well in sight, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said during a meeting with the working group of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON), headed by the Committee’s Chair, Roberto Gualtieri, who visited Athens.

According to a statement by the prime minister’s office, the European Parliament’s involvement in the Greek program review will contribute to the protection of the European acquis and social cohesion in Greece, and increase the transparency of the process.

Commenting on the policies followed in the last few years, Tsipras said these focused on the fiscal aspect of the crisis and not on the reconstruction of the country’s production model or the promotion of a sustainable economic model.

The representatives of the European Parliament noted that the body doesn’t participate directly in the negotiations but that their monitoring role can contribute in s faster and successful completion of the first review. They also welcomed the common ground found between the Greek government and the European institutions, adding that relieving the country’s debt is an important element in Greek economic recovery.

On his side, Roberto Gualtieri said he’s very impressed with the prime minister’s determination to fulfill the commitments undertaken by his government concerning structural reforms and fiscal targets and to pursue a balanced policy between stability, growth and social justice.

“We hope the first review of the third program will be completed quickly and successfully, including an agreement to relieve debt,” he said in a statement issued after his meeting with Tsipras.