PM Tsipras: Greece pushing ahead with a complete plan

The country’s image in Europe and across the globe has changed impressively, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday, addressing the general assembly of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki.

The Greek premier called on everyone to participate in Greece’s effort to change its production and growth model.

“The top priority for all those involved in production is to join efforts to help Greece get back on its feet,” he said, adding that tax relief will be delivered by the government next year.

For 2019, there is fiscal room of 860 million euros and the government has committed to providing tax breaks worth some 750 million euros, he said.

“We are aiming for Greek industry to lead in the reshaping of the Greek economy and our target is for its participation to reach 12 percent of gross domestic product in the mid term,” said the prime minister.

The Greek premier also referred to a push by the group to set up ministry of Industry, saying that “we are carefully examining it, as it is also our goal, to promote specific policies and solve bureaucratic problems that will contribute to the maximum growth of the industrial sector.”

“Let’s look ahead. Looking ahead means having a plan for growth and a holistic one, not in fragments, as was done in the past. And of course, this means finance and a strong bank system. For this reason we are taking advantage of all finance tools, EU funds and investment programs,” he added.