PM Tsipras: Greece show Europe’s humanitarian face amid a crisis of humanitarian dimensions

Greece and the Greek people show Europe’s humanitarian face amid a crisis of humanitarian dimensions,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“And it managed to do so in a Union that closes its borders, and xenophobia and the intolerant rhetoric of far-right are on the rise,” he added.

Tsipras underlined that “Greece is the point where Europe will ratify its founding principles and values, such as humanism and solidarity, or it will betray them. I am sure that there can be no united Europe without absolute respect to the common struggles and values, but also to the shared responsibilities and shared commitments. We must face the difficulties together. We will either succeed together or fail together.”

Asked what prevents the implementation of a coordinated strategy, the Greek prime minister replied: “We claim nothing more than solidarity, a fundamental principle of the EU. We claim the fair allocation of the responsibility among the member states. We must proceed with a decision, which is binding for all and by all, which concerns the obligatory, fair distribution of refugee flows in all EU countries, according to each one’s capacity.”