PM Tsipras: Greece supports a fair and viable solution of the Cyprus issue

Greece supports a fair and viable solution of the Cyprus issue, which constitutes a primary goal for Greeks and Cypriots, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday, after a meeting with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades in Athens.

“Solving the Cyprus issue is a primary national aim not only for the Greeks and the Cypriot people but also for Europe and the wider region,” Tsipras said during a joint presser.

“We steadily support a fair and viable solution for Cyprus, on the basis of U.N. decisions and Cyprus’ status as an EU member-state, without Turkish occupation forces and with the abolition of the anachronistic system of guarantees,” he added.

The Greek prime minister said that given the critical times the world is experiencing in the region and Europe, those talks gain additional importance. He also said the Cyprus issue is not a bilateral but an international issue that begun with the illegal invasion and occupation by Turkish troops.

Speaking to Anastasiades, Tsipras said Cyprus will receive every support from Greece in this negotiating effort because “we believe the fair solution of the Cypriot issue will be to the benefit of the Cypriot people.”
He said he was fully briefed by Anastasiades on the significant progress being made in talks with the Turkish-Cypriot side and the issues that remain open.

On his side, Anastasiades said he believed Cyprus will achieve its aims through the joint course followed and Greece’s support, noting progress has been made but differences remain. “As correctly stated by the prime minister, nothing is agreed if there’s not an agreement on the whole,” he said.

“I want to believe that the other side will show the same good will and understanding in order to reach [a solution] as soon as possible; especially if the rhetoric on Turley’s side is accompanied in practice by encouragement and support for, the Turkish Cypriot leader, in order to overcome the difficulties currently encountered,” Anastasiades said.