PM Tsipras: Greek businessmen are open to new partnerships

A total of 70 Greek businessmen and 150 businessmen from Serbia participated in a Greek-Serbian Business Forum in Belgrade, which was held at the presence of the Prime Ministers of Greece Alexis Tsipras and Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, addressing the Forum, focused on the numerous participation of businessmen from both countries and reassured that “Greece and its business commuity was, is and will be present and active in the Balkans, in Serbia”. “Greek businessmen will be open to new partnerships,” he added.

In his address, the Greek Prime Minister referred, at the presence of the business community this time, in what he had earlier announced together with his Serbian counterpart, the set up of High-Level Cooperation Council, which is expected to meet for the firsts time this spring in Thessaloniki.

He also referred to the two project- visions, as he described, that can change the map of the Balkans: first the railway line between Belgrade and Thessaloniki, as part of the wider Belgrade – Piraeus line, part of the Chinese initiative, “one belt, one road “. Second, the interconnection of the two countries’ rivers and reiterated the crucial geographical position of Greece and Serbia: the first as the crossroad of Europe with the Middle East and Asia, with Piraeus as an entrance gate, the second as a “bridge” between Western and Eastern Europe.

In another part of his address, the Greek prime minister focused on a new architecture, which, as he stressed, “is based on the peaceful coexistence of countries and the cooperation of the people, which focuses on the welfare and rehabilitation of societies’ living standards, encourage the modernization of their infrastructures, aims at the development course of economies and coordinate the EU approach and defines the Balkans as an area of stability and a zone of economic recovery. ”

Furthermore, he said that “Serbia and Greece share common views and common values ​​that place them on the same side of the river. History has recorded the common struggles of the two countries, while today they represent proximal, critical successive links in the chain of economic affairs in Southeastern Europe, with obvious comparative advantage their geo-strategic positioning on transport, energy corridors and trade between Europe and Asian countries and the Middle East “.

The Greek Prime Minister stressed It was extremely important for Athens and Belgrade to plan together, to build jointly the co-development of the area, but also to contribute in peace and stability in a troubled region.