PM Tsipras: Greek people regain control of their fate

Greece will become a modern, progressive and European country following the critical and historical completion of its fiscal adjustment programs, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said, opening the works of the SYRIZA party Central Committee on Monday evening.

The completion of the loan memoranda, he said, “is not the end, but the starting poing of a new era for the country.”

The Greek people “took the decisive step to regain control of their fate themselves,” he said.

Calling his government “the only political power which did not hesitate to jump into the fire,” Tsipras said his government assumed responsibility after the government of Antonis Samaras, whom he accused of “carefully undermining every step we took” in 2015.

But the Left, he said, was always present at the Greek people’s struggles and did not hide from history. “That’s why the Left was, is and will be a big issue in this country,” he noted. The Greek people put their faith in SYRIZA in 2015, and gave it the mandate to fight on its behalf, he added.