PM Tsipras: Human resources are Greece’s comparative advantage

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visited the premises of the company CBL PATRAS S.A (Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Laboratories) in the port city of Patras on Tuesday. The prime minister toured the company’s ultra-modern facilities and met with the staff.

“I chose to meet you and visit the specific company because it is a successful combination of industry and research, production and new knowledge,” noted Tsipras.

Noting that his visit, which coincided with recent revelations concerning an investigation into alleged kickbacks by Novartis, might be misunderstood, Tsipras nevertheless underlined that multinational companies “must not be accused wholesale” as a result.

It was very important that CBL exported 95 percent of its production, the prime minister said, and this was the best reply to those believing that Greece is incapable of producing anything and a reminder that the country’s pharmaceutical companies are some of Greece’s strongest exporters.

The prime minister referred to the young researchers and scientists that have left the country due to the crisis and repeated his certainty that Greece’s human resources are one of its comparative advantages. He said that the current generation is the best-educated in Greece’s history, a generation that was caught up in a crisis that was unprecedented, not only by Greek and European but also by international standards.”We speak of exit from the crisis and maybe the most important step will be made in August 2018 but the real end of the crisis will be when Greek scientists will stay in Greece after finishing the university,” he underlined.