PM Tsipras inaugurates exhibition at Beloyannis Museum

Beloyannis, Greek resistance leader and leading cadre of the Greek communist party, and hundreds others that were executed in the post-civil war state were not executed because they set the state and the country in danger, but they were executed in order to destroy any prospect of political and national understanding that will consolidate democracy in our country after the harsh and brutal years of civil war, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Monday.

Tsipras inaugurated the opening of the permanent exhibition at “Nikos Beloyannis” museum.

“Beloyannis is a hero who remained faithful to the principles and ideas until the last moment,” the prime minister said and added: “We inaugurated the museum handing over our legacy to the history of the country. We defend the democratic values, and a legacy that is recognized by almost the entire democratic world. In democracy, there are conflicts and confrontations, which we face honoring our history, but above looking forward, and no turning back.”