PM Tsipras: Main opposition party lacked any kind of alternative proposal

Taking the stand to address Parliament after main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday said the main opposition party lacked “any kind of alternative proposal” and that Mitsotakis was in danger of making ND a “protest party”.

Replying to Mitsotakis’ criticism of the proposed measures in the tax and pension reforms bill, which is to be voted on by lawmakers at the end of Sunday’s debate, Tsipras accused the opposition of “having no proposals”.

“When you ask for elections without having any alternative proposal, anyone can understand the reason why you do this. Your concern is to save of your friends that face prosecution, some media owners that see the system of graft crumbling,” he added, promising to fight corruption and set Greece back on its feet at all costs.

“For decades the pension funds were looted and the opposition recounts the myth that the pension system was derailed by a government that negotiated,” he said. He said ND and the other parties in its camp were in a strategic impasse, on the one hand accusing the government of leading the country off the rails and on the other hand of giving in to the creditors demands.

He also pointed out that Mitsotakis, while criticising the government for pension cuts and reducing incomes, “had the bravery to say that ND’s alternative proposal for exiting the crisis is to cut spending: in other words, cut salaries, pensions and lay off workers.”

“For the first time the agreement, even though it is difficult, can be implemented,” he said.

Tsipras insisted that the government would not cut main pensions by even a single euro, while pointing out that those now complaining of a “tax storm” had earlier gladly voted for measures amounting to 62 billion euros.