PM Tsipras meets with board of Hellenic Banking Association

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed the need for close cooperation on Monday, in a meeting with the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA).

“You have probably noticed that the messages are positive; 10-year Greek bonds broke the 4 pct barrier and this marks a return to pre-crisis conditions. It is time for everyone to help so that this good climate (in the economy) can be translated – in addition to numbers and statistics – to a real sense in society, especially among the weaker and most vulnerable and the middle class,” the prime minister said.

“The role of banks is crucial, in this sense. It is crucial to lean on the positive course of the economy and overcome the remaining obstacles. Liquidity, the economy, healthy businesses need to be restored as soon as possible so that household support is available. We need a responsible and effective way to tackle the problem of non-performing loans. An effort must be made to inform society about what we are doing and stop the spread of fake news,” he added.

The best thing we can do, the prime minister concluded while addressing the Greek bankers, “is to work together closely. To set up an observatory so that we have a clear picture of which cases take priority. We are determined to confront the phenomenon of big-time debtors and at the same time do whatever is possible for the economy to recover by restoring the real role of financial institutions. I am sure that you will be the first to restore reality in terms of informing the public about what we really want to do and what is really happening.”