PM Tsipras on Crete: The Greek people have not had the last word yet

The Greek people have not had the last word yet, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said at Iraklio on Crete, in a campaign speech.

He asserted that an electoral upset was certain to happen and bring SYRIZA on top, and said this is the most critical of weeks.

Addressing himself directly to his audience, the PM and Syriza leader said that “I see in your faces the determination not to let Greece return to the past.” Some people, he said, speaking of the main opposition, “are trying to predetermine the general election results before people even vote,” he said of Sunday’s elections.

The premier said that “we are the ones who can determine our future,” not those who led the country to bankruptcy, and said that hope and perspective will defeat arrogance.

“We are on the final stretch,” he said, and “radical change will come as long as each of us convinces one more person to come vote – a person who wants to live better” and remain in Greece. “Our lives are threatened with critical choices,” he warned.