PM Tsipras on UNICEF telethon: We are strengthening the social state to manage the humanitarian crisis

The repercussions of an economic system that strengthens social inequalities worldwide and separates people on the basis of wealth are visible and entirely catastrophic, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Monday in a message to the fundraising telethon of UNICEF on national broadcaster ERT.

“Greek society went through a difficult time as a result of the management of a crisis that led to greater social dead-ends, to a worsening of inequalities, and which condemned large swathes of the populace to poverty,” said the premier.

His government is doing everything in its power to reverse this process, the prime minister said, adding that “we are strengthening the social state, the structures of health, and we are promoting the necessary policies to manage the humanitarian crisis.”

“The government will continue to fight children’s poverty and look after the protection of every child that lives and grows up in our country, regardless of family income and origin,” he said, thanking UNICEF for its contribution and calling on people to support the effort.