PM Tsipras says detrimental for Turkey to take advantage of border incident

Any attempts by Ankara to take advantage of the incident that occurred when two Greek soldiers on border patrol in northeastern Greece accidentally strayed into Turkish territory for “other purposes” will be detrimental to Turkey, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reportedly said during a government council meeting in Maximos Mansion on Tuesday.

The meeting discussed the latest developments with the two soldiers after a Turkish court ordered their detention over the incident.

“It requires careful handling and patience. Turkey will understand sooner or later that any thought to take advantage of an ordinary border incident for other purposes is hopeless and will be detrimental the country,” he told ministers and officials, according to government sources.

The same sources said Tsipras spoke with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, with whom he discussed developments in the region, Greek-Turkish and EU-Turkey relations, and the ongoing negotiation with FYROM on the name issue. The prime minister briefed Guterres on the talks with the neighbouring country, as well as on Turkey’s aggression in the Aegean and Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone.

Concerning the issue of the two Greek soldiers, Tsipras asked Guterres to tell Turkey that the incident must be resolved swiftly and positively with the release and return of the soldiers to Greece.