PM Tsipras: The second review will conclude and it will conclude positively

“As long as Europe remains weak-willed, powerless and weak the powers of Euroscepticism will become stronger. Our country will turn page. The crisis belongs to the past” stated Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his opening address to the meeting of SYRIZA central committee that is held on Saturday and Sunday in Athens.

“2017 will be a crucial year for Europe” said Tsipras noting that “for the first time the Euro-Atlantic relation and its orientation are shaking”.

Referring to the negotiations with Greece’s lenders, the Greek prime minister said “We respect those agreed and our partners should also honour the agreements. The second review will conclude and it will conclude positively”.

In the next period we will take initiatives that will leave to the country a progressive mark. The important reform to the primary healthcare and to the education, the need for a progressive change in the local authorities and the elaboration of a regional restructuring plan for the country and the start of a public dialogue on the revision of the Constitution, said Prime Minister.

“On our part we reiterate clearly and with determination that we will not accept any more games against the Greek people. Those who speak of a two-speed eurozone should know that they are playing with fire” he noted

“I kindly ask Chancellor Merkel to discourage Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble from his continuous aggressiveness against Greece and from his insulting references. The elections campaign in a country should not have affect the life in another country”, stated Tsipras.