PM Alexis Tsipras: The society’s desire for more democracy remains alive

“The meaning of the Polytechnic uprising is everlasting. It has not been affected by time and continues to touch all the generations and particularly those young people that were not born at that time. We are holding the thread of the Polytechnic uprising and we are creating a new Greece,” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the parliament plenum on Thursday in a session dedicated to the Polytechnic uprising in 1973.

In his address Tsipras underlined that “the society’s desire for more democracy remains alive and is renewed every day according to each period’s problems,” adding that the Polytechnic uprising was the Greek people’s demand for democracy.

Before the uprising, nobody believed that the Greek people would confront the junta. Since then Greece has been undergoing the longest period of democratic normality in its modern history. However, the demand for more democracy remains and will always exist, stated Tsipras adding that “in the globalisation era, democracy refers to the struggle against corruption and conflict of interests. The democracy in the Greece of memoranda has been wounded and downgraded.”

He also said that his government has received a mandate to restore those damaged in the era of memoranda. “The struggle for democracy is not only linked with the negotiation but also with the small and big claims inside the country,” noted Tsipras referring to his government’s concern on the sectors of health and education.

“We achieved a lot but we have a long way ahead of us but now the exit is visible” he said referring to the second review of the Greek programme and to the debt relief.

Moreover, Tsipras underlined that it a historic duty “for our people to fight in order to prevent the return to isolation and authoritarianism.”

Finally, referring to US President Barack Obama’s visit to Greece he said that “the country has won the respect of the international community in the struggle against the refugee crisis. Greece is synonymous with solidarity. Greece from pariah becomes a protagonist. From part of the crisis turns into part of the solution and the solution is peace and safety. We will continue on this path as the country that born the democracy,” he concluded.