PM Tsipras: The struggle for change is not book theories but daily action

The struggle for change is not book theories but daily action, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras addressing a SYRIZA event on the first year anniversary of SYRIZA-ANEL governance under the slogan “One year Left, One year battle. We proceed” held at the Tae Kwon Do arena.

The prime minister underlined that in 2015 “we competed with history and assumed historic responsibilities for the European and the international Left.

Tsipras said that they clashed with the conservative establishment that dogmatically insists on austerity recipes and claims that the recipes are not wrong but the way they are implemented.

He said he is proud that “we gave battle in order to finish with all those that brought us here” and referred to a struggle against the oligarchy and corruption. He referred to the traps set to the country and noted that “we avoided them thanks to the people that supported us and gave us the victory in three election battles in less than a year”.

Those who led us her and gave up without fight to the lenders’ appetite must give answers, said Tsipras and referred to a rally attempt of those forces in order the country to turn back to the days of lawlessness and arbitrariness.

He said that these forces are trying to turn the first review in to a tool to blackmail the government and charged them that they are hiding behind the IMF on the social security issue.

“Someone will either be with the mobilisations or with the IMF” and called on main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis to clarify his position “is he with the blockades or with the IMF?” During his speech, Tsipras noted that the crucial dilemma over the social security system is “either reform or collapse of the system”.