PM Tsipras to meet with President Trump in Washington on Tuesday

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece is to meet President Trump in Washington on Tuesday for talks that are expected to focus on military cooperation, economic investment and energy security.

Also expected to be part of the discussion: Greece’s efforts to emerge from its third international bailout and its calls for relief from its huge debt burden. The meeting will be watched in Europe for signs of the Trump administration’s stance on the prospects for Greek debt relief and on the potential role of the International Monetary Fund in Greece’s bailout.

Some clarity on the fund’s role may emerge on Monday, when Mr. Tsipras meets with the fund’s managing director, Christine Lagarde.

During the weekend, the Greek prime minister had a series of meetings with Greek-American and American businessmen, investors and senior officials.

At 08.30 (16.30 Athens time), he will address the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. At 10.00( 18.00 Athens time), he will visit the 1871 Chicago’s Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, where he will be guided by CEO Howard Tullman. At 11.00 (19.00 Athens time), he will meet with Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago.

He is expected to arrive at Washington at 16.40 (23.40 Athens time) and meet with Lagarde, at 20.00 (03.00 Athens time).