PM Tsipras to open Euro-Mediterranean Summit

The annual Euro-Mediterranean Summit, organized by the European and the Greek Economic and Social Committee, will begin on Monday in Vravrona, eastern Attica, with main topic the challenges for the Mediterranean area.

The meeting aims to promote understanding on issues affecting civil society in the Euromed region and to discuss common challenges in order to propose solutions. The agenda includes talks to promote legal migration in Europe, social protection in the Mediterranean region, the role of civil society in the upcoming conference COP22 and the role of women in employment in the Euromed region.

It will take place at “Mare Nostrum” hotel, Vravona. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will open the meeting, at 10.00.
On Tuesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Mardas will address the meeting.

Representatives of economic and social councils, employers’ associations, trade unions and other economic and social groups from 33 countries and NGOs from all the Mediterranean countries participate in the meeting. The Final Declaration of the Meeting will be sent to the political authorities of the Euromed region as a contribution of the civil society and will be widely disseminated among civil society organizations.