PM Tsipras to present SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance programme on Monday

Prime Minister and President of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras will present the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance programme for the next four years at an event at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) at 20:00 on Monday, ahead of the general elections on July 7.

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT1, government spokesman Tzanakopoulos said that the four-pronged plan will also include new and well-paid jobs with rising salaries and a strong social state and social insurance.

Reiterating that the general elections of July 7 will revolve around a choice, the spokesman said that Greek people ought to choose between “returning to the policies of (loan) memoranda and tough austerity, or taking a step forward.”

Attacking main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he said the New Democracy (ND) leader had secret plans to increase taxation and lay off people in the public sector. Asked to comment on ND’s low-key campaign, Tzanakopoulos responded that the main opposition party will “go to elections with a double face.” But the ND “machinery” will continue “their toxic campaign against SYRIZA,” he said, utilising the media and other nefarious centres with influence on the public.

SYRIZA’s purpose is to expand the clash on policies because it believes that in a battle of comparisons, it has an advantage over ND.

Tzanakopoulos also claimed that Mitsotakis is afraid of a televised debate with Tsipras, and said that ND’s claim that the government’s positive measures are being abolished is not only false, but even more relief measures will be introduced, as long as SYRIZA is voted in again with Tsipras as prime minister.